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l        我既受不了夏天的炎熱,也無法忍受冬天的酷寒
I can stand neither the scorching heat of the summer nor the severe cold of the winter.
l        交貨時間,地點    
   Time of delivery /place of delivery
l        四捨五入         
   Round up the figure
l        眼觀萬物就是不見自己
An eye sees everything but itself.
l        託辭是包裝過的謊言,其為害大於謊言
An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for it is a lie guarded.
l        我今天真倒倒霉,超速被警察開罰單
I was unlucky today; is a policeman booked me for speeding.
l        侵犯他人的隱私權是不禮貌的,同樣地我們不應該干涉他人
It's impolite to invade others' privacy. Similarly we should not interfere in others' affairs.
l        最令我們印象深刻的是,湯姆頗有政治家的特質
What impresses us most is that Tom has the makings of a statesman in him.
l        我記得在學校時,他經常是眾人矚目的風雲人物
He, as I remember, was a well-known figure who constantly made the news at our school.
l        不可否認
There is no denying that = It is undeniable that
l        不可否認的每個人都希望過著無憂無慮的生活
There is no denying that everyone wishes to live a carefree life.
l        這次挫折摧毀了他原有的一點信心
The setback destroyed what little confidence he originally had.
l        在那個時代,幾乎家家戶戶都飽受貧窮之苦
In those days there were few families but suffered from poverty.
l        你最好先議價再決定要不要買
You may as well haggle over the price before making a decision to buy.
l        三三兩兩地
by ones and twos
l        當我還是個孩子時,我喜歡和三三兩兩地與朋友去釣魚
I love to go fishing by ones and twos when I was a child.
l        該市長決定不擇手段來整飾交通
The mayor decided to better the traffic condition by hook or by crook.
l        提姆名實不符地得到第一名
Tim was awarded the first prize outside his own merit.
l        他憑自己實力而成為成功的政治家
He became a successful statesman on his own merits.
l        預防注射
immunization shots
l        對…充而不聞
turn a deaf ear to (be deaf to)
l        對…視而不見
turn a blind eye to (be blind to )